Laden By Flesh

Romans 6:5

For since we have become one with Him in dying like He did, in the same way we shall be one with Him by being raised to life as He was. And we know that our old being has being put to death with Christ, in order that the power of the sinful self might be destroyed so that we should no longer be slaves to sin.

Vs 11

In the same way, you are to think of yourselves as dead so far as sin is concerned but living in fellowship with God through Christ Jesus.

There is this superb sculpture by an unknown artist which depicts the picture of a man carrying his head on a stroller after him. The explanation of the sculpture shows the ego in our heads to be the real burden we carry. An ego which corrupts vision, speech, hearing, mind, intellect and thinking. While that seems as a good description for the sculpture, I likened the sculpture more to what the FLESH does to the human person.

In numerous ways as when I choose to react to anger by an outburst rather than keeping a patient and calm disposition, then I have let my flesh win over my spirit. When I choose screen time over prayer times and service, again I allow my flesh win. When I engage in needless gossips over charitable conversations, I have chosen the flesh over my spirit. Many don’t realize at the wake of every day, the flesh is in constant battle with the spirit. She is man’s greatest burden, a constant tussle for center stage. He is stuck with her and has her to deal with all his life.

Often times I have found myself doing the exact things I vowed never to do. Last year I wrote on the frailty of man; find link below:

In that article, I highlighted the weakness of man in his resolve, his frailty in make-up and his overall helplessness.

Its particularly agonizing how ladened we can be by flesh; as if with a mind of her own, flesh always competes with the spirit to satisfy her own cravings and desires. A desire always contrary to the Spirit and constituting a hindrance to every good in the Spirit. A road block to the pathways of eternity. Flesh is carnality and with no good.

Moreso, I have been tempted to question God on why man had to be “laden” so heavily by flesh, but I realize we have also been given the power to overcome flesh by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which we share by our baptism. See scripture above.

So having realized this truth, I beg the Lord through the Holy Spirit to help me conquer flesh and all her cravings, help me rise above and not feed her and above all, help me suppress and dismantle her whenever she rears her head ; only then will my eyes be opened to see as God intends me to see; then only will my senses be sharpened to sense Him, and my spirit ascended to take its rightful place; in high places with Jesus.

A man that has not realized his weakness in the natural and in the flesh will not secure some measure of help from God through the Holy Spirit for When the Holy Spirit breaks a man, what He does is that He administers help to the man.

Today, I ask for that same spirit to break me and administer help to my soul.


(C) Uc-Okonmah 2022



Inspired reflections by my life's journey and daily walk with God I Catholic I Florist I Writer I Poet I Psalmist I Old-fashioned I PublicHealthExpert l

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Inspired reflections by my life's journey and daily walk with God I Catholic I Florist I Writer I Poet I Psalmist I Old-fashioned I PublicHealthExpert l